Keith Grisman

  • Principal

  • Mobile: 0413 537 000

    As the principal of Yandina Realty, Keith has unparalleled expertise in all facets of property investing and development, and personally built a substantial property portfolio across South East Queensland, including Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

    After purchasing his initial property at 17, Keith became a commercial sales and leasing agent with major firms and gained expertise in leasing, buying and building residential, commercial, investment and development sites. He first retired at 33 with a personal holding in excess of 50 investment properties.

    The GFC taught Keith many lessons and took a personal toll but it’s one that along with his property knowledge, he is keen to share with others to improve their property decisions.

    Keith’s focus is to provide investors in the commercial, residential and industrial sector in Queensland with an unmatched level of service in property management and advice.

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