16 Feb 2018

4 of the Best Nature Walks to do in Yandina


If you're looking for a quiet dip...


If it’s a tranquil dip in some fresh water pools you’re after, Wappa Falls is the place for you. Sit around the fringes of the lake or dive deeper into the pool beneath the flowing waterfall.


The walk to the first set of pools is veryleisurely, so take time to appreciate the beautiful greenery and exotic plants along the way.


The park at the entrance of the walk has BBQ facilities and toilets that makes for a great place to enjoy some lunch.




If you're looking for an easy trek...


Mount Ninderry is a beautiful track with great views of the Sunshine Coast, Yandina and the surrounding countryside.


The track is not very difficult – anyone with a moderate level of fitness would be fine to reach the summit easily, so it makes for a peaceful, enjoyable walk. On your way up, try to spot the monkey in the rock face!


The path is about 1.4ks and although the sign warns it’s a 3 hour round trip, most people do it in 1.5 hours tops.


While Mount Coolum’s popularity is peaking at the moment, making for an exceptionally crowded trek, Mount Ninderry provides just as spectacular views, minus the foot traffic.


Another bonus – you can take your pup!


The parking situation is a little scarce, there’s around 7 parks at the start of the track, and then it’s just parking in surrounding streets.


Overall the track is well-suited to those who don’t want to face the crowds of people in Coolum, but still want to experience the beauty of the Sunshine Coast in all of its glory. It’s a leisurely track that will give you something different to do with your weekend.



If you're looking for more of a challenge...


Mapleton national park has several different tracks you can take, ranging from 400m to 8.5km. Each of these paths will make for a peaceful trek with great scenic views. The best ones for you will depend heavily on your hiking abilities. 


Throughout the walk you’ll be accompanied by the sounds of the thousands of birds and other fauna that live within the park.


The Maleny area really is a natural hidden gem, so spend some time taking in the views.


If you’re there on a warm day – you can even cool off with a dip in one of the watering holes or water falls.


The park has ample signage, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or struggling to find any of the parks unique features.


There are two picnic areas - one at the very entrance to the park and another at Point Glorious.


The park is open 24/7 but we suggest you stick to daylight hours for your own safety.


Parking and entrance is free.



If you're looking for an impressive waterfall...


Just behind the Sunshine Coast, Kondalilla National Park is home to the wonderful Kondalilla Falls. The area is extremely tropical and the walks around the park are largely shaded by the rainforest canopy of native Australian trees. The various walks range from 1.7 to 4.7kms.


The first set of falls where the swimming pools are is only a short walk, however there are quite a few stairs through so prams are not ideal.


The entrance to the park is equipped with toilets, picnic tables, barbeques and shelters. Even if you don’t wish to venture into the park, there’s a great lookout that will show you just how high the falls are, giving you a great overview of the national park.


Just remember to bring a can of mosquito repellent and your swimmers!


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