08 Jun 2018

5 Problems Home Buyers Absolutely Dread

We all know that there’s no such thing as a perfect property. Once the allure of the ‘new’ home dissipates, the shortcomings of the home tend to rear their ugly heads. Suddenly the ‘grandiose’ library becomes wasted space, the ‘secluded’ location makes grocery shopping a nightmare, the ‘rustic’ fixtures become impractical and the striking fuchsia wallpaper becomes less exotic and more of a giant eyesore.

These are flaws that buyers will be trying to spot ahead of time. Without being entirely deceptive, your job is to recognize these flaws and work with them, not against them. To clue you in on what you should be worried about, here are five things buyers hate when buying a property:



When we’re at home in our element, the last thing we want to worry about is whether or not the neighbours are copping a sneak peak into our private lives. Open plan homes are all the rage at the moment and in this tropical climate, they certainly make sense. The problem however is when the home doesn’t have sufficient privacy measures in place. When selling your home, take care to ensure that your home has enough screening, whether that be curtains foliage or both to make buyers feel safe and secure.



The blockbuster film bad neighbours unfortunately resonated with many homebuyers who were unlucky enough to land themselves with some unfortunate gate mates. While it might have taken things a bit far from what you’d normally find with any typical ‘bad neighbour’ scenario, living with bad neighbours is the worst. Selling a home with bad neighbours is even harder (as you discover in the sequel).

Now we’re not referring to neighbours with screaming children or overgrowing hedges, we’re talking about the ones that might party relentlessly or have violent tendencies. The best way to approach these situations is by being amicable, reasonable and assertive. But if this proves impossible, know your rights and don’t be afraid to involve the police when necessary. You don’t want your open homes and potential sales to be sabotaged by your dodgy neighbours.



There’s nothing worse than buying a home only to find that the house is falling to pieces 6-12 months down the track. If you know your home has some wobbly edges, do the right thing and either fix them yourself or let them know pre-sale so they know what they’re in for. Keep in mind that if they’re bad enough – you’ll legally have to fix them before the sale anyway, so it’s always best to get on top of things quickly.



In this interconnected day and age, it’s perfectly reasonable for a buyer to demand quality internet access. Especially if the buyer is Gen-Y, where this kind of thing would likely be a deal breaker. In Australia, we’re a little behind the times and not everywhere is able to access a high-speed internet connection. While there’s not a lot that you can do about the issue, be pro-active and get in touch with councils and providers to see if there’s anything that can be done to fast-track the process in your area. It’s not fun to miss out on a sale or achieve a lower price because of factors out of your control.



While it may not be directly related to your property, something that can really influence a buyer is what happens around it. When someone buys a home the last thing they often consider is whether or not there are going to be significant construction works in the area. Some projects only last a couple of days, while others can take years (think roadworks, shopping centre constructions etc.) People need to be aware of these works so that they can organize their lives around it and weigh up how much of an impact it’d have on their quality of life. A couple expecting a child would want to know if the high rise next door is due to undergo some massive renovations, or if all the homes in the area are gearing up to be sold to a developer. Sound proofing your property with fencing and foliage is a good way to minimize the impact construction works may have on the sale of your property.



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