01 Jun 2018

4 Reasons Why Local Marketing Matters

Marketing is everything in real estate. The strategies you use should showcase your properties to the right people. Nowadays, the power of online marketing is an undeniable force for doing that effectively. So how could local marketing stack up to the competition? Why is it important for drumming up big business for your property? Here’s how:



We’re lucky enough to live in a time where the internet puts thousands of properties at the click of our fingers. These are mostly found through online listing portals such as domain.com and realestate.com which are great for reaching a wider, online audience but not great for targeting those who aren’t necessarily looking (of which, there are many). Tonnes of people are in the mindset that ‘If I see something I like, I’ll consider it’, but they’re not actively looking for it online. That’s where mail drops, newspaper ads and local magazines can become very useful for bringing the property to the buyer. Sometimes just having the ad in front of them is enough to plant a seed of interest.



FACT: 35% of people on the Sunshine Coast are renting. Renters are potential buyers and so marketing your property locally also drums up future business. We’re lucky enough to live in a place that people enjoy living in and want to stay, so it’s not uncommon for people to buy a home in the same place they’re renting. By inviting them you’re showcasing what’s on offer, which makes it all that more enticing. In an open home, the more the merrier. When an open home is swamped with people appreciating the good points, it creates a sense of urgency among those looking to buy.



It makes sense that anyone living within your neighbourhood would be curious about what’s happening to the homes around them, particularly if they themselves are interested in selling their home down the track. Neighbours typically want their neighbourhoods to be filled with the right people, so their word-of-mouth marketing about your property could become very valuable too!



Local businesses are a valuable marketing tool and developing good relationships with them are the key to tapping into that all important local market. After all word-of-mouth marketing isn’t something you can buy! When trusted people within the industry talk, other people listen. So, getting in the good books with professionals in your area that can potentially help you market your property, is always going to be of value to you.


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