13 Apr 2018

7 Cost-Effective Ways To Boost Your Home's Street Appeal

A beautiful home exterior has the potential to stop buyers in their tracks, because as we all know, first impressions count. But we generally give most of our attention to the interior house design, as that’s where we spend most of our time, and the exterior is often neglected. So whether you’re selling or just wanting to add a bit of sparkle to your property, try sprucing up the place with these seven guaranteed wow-factor ideas that won’t break the budget.


1. Letterbox

What does your letterbox say about you? A drooping, crumbling, rusted or faded letterbox can really let the team down if the rest of your property has a nice aesthetic appeal. And even if your property is in need of a makeover, updating the letterbox will make a big improvement to start with. Consider updating your letterbox with something that reflects the theme of your house, either the colour, style, or both. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant masterpiece, in fact simple can be just as effective, as long as the overall result tells a potential buyer you care.


2. Fence

The fence: an iconic symbol of suburbia. Not only does a good fence make a statement about your property, the practical aspects of having one massively boost its market appeal. A quality fence doesn’t mean expensive. It just means it should look fresh and combine the right level of transparency with an adequate level of security. There are a lot of ways to get creative with your fence, but if buying something new isn’t in the budget, consider slapping a fresh coat of paint on the one you already have. Which brings us to the next point…


3. Fresh paint

Never underestimate the power of fresh colour. The colour trend is in a constant state of flux, so what was popular ten years ago is probably well on its way out now. Unless your house is particularly quirky or has certain character charm, it’s best to avoid bright and flamboyant colours, as not everyone may share your taste. It’s impossible to predict the trends of contemporary house design, but one thing you can rely on is class. Neutral or classic colour themes never seem to date and they appeal to a much wider market. So if you want to quickly add value to your property, consider giving it a makeover.


4. Landscaping

People hear the word ‘landscaping’ and automatically assume they’ll need thousands of dollars to lift their lawn appeal. But this isn’t always true. Improving your home’s lawn or garden can be a simple as weeding, trimming branches and bushes, mowing, edging and watering. Cleaning up any leaves or fallen branches, getting rid of spider-webs, and updating old pot-plants all vastly improve your exterior house design, and best of all, cost you absolutely nothing but your time.


5. Front door

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

No one. Because your front door is ugly and scaring people away. Ok, maybe it’s not (or some days, maybe you prefer it that way!), but if your property is on the market, a revamped front door will greatly improve its appeal and increase buyer interest. Whether purchasing a new one or updating the old, just remember, it’s the contemporary fixtures and finer details in a front door that makes the drab look fab.


6. House numbers

Displaying your house number on your front door, gate or letterbox is a highly effective way of adding class to your property, and definitely won’t go unnoticed. Something bold and graphic in matte silver or black has a strong effect, especially set against a light façade. It’s best to choose a font that is simple and easy to read – scrolls and glyphs may look effective or suit the traditional style of your home, but that can be difficult to decipher.


7. Lighting

Good exterior lighting has more than just a practical benefit; it showcases the key features of the house and garden. Or at least it should. Think of the properties that make you double-click when scrolling through online real estate; the ones that really stand out are the ones that are glowing – literally. This can be achieved for quite minimal costs through front door lighting – perhaps a wall sconce either side of the door, inexpensive solar lights that lead guests up a garden path, or some fairy or festoon lighting in the garden or entertainment area.


Quality house design shouldn’t be restricted to just the interior of your home, especially as the exterior is the first port of call for buyers. Showing the external elements of your home a bit of love not only adds value to the property, but also tells prospective buyers that they can expect the same care and attention is reflected on the inside. And when you only get one chance to make a first impression, presentation matters more than anything.


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