09 Mar 2018

7 Home Improvements That Will Make Your House Look Amazing

Have you recently looked around your humble abode and thought, this is not what it used to be? Are those home-renovation shows making you feel slightly guilty about the current condition of your home?

When you think of home renovations images of marble benchtops, polished concrete flooring and metallic accents flood to mind - but they really don’t have to be as extravagant as the house-flips that are broadcast on our TV’s every night. Those time consuming, expensive, messy projects simply aren’t for everyone – no matter how easy they make it look.

BUT there are a few tricks we’ve got up our sleeves that are actually very do-able. Read on to find out how to transform your house into one your mother would be jealous of:


1. De-clutter & Organize

Clutter breeds clutter. The sooner you rid yourself of the unnecessary items lurking around your house, stealing your space - the better. Otherwise it piles up and gets out of hand very quickly. The best way to remove clutter is to organize your things and set yourself up with some functional storage.

These days, storage solutions such as floating shelves, under-bed storage and swanky boxes are available everywhere and for reasonable prices. They’re cheap, easy, and visually appealing. And best of all - they’ll save you a lot of space!


2. Revamp Your Dreary Windows

There’s simply no place for lace curtains in a modern home. Replacing your curtains with more modern fabrics, colours or styles can have a huge effect on the entire aesthetic of a home. Consider blinds or shutters in areas that might need more light. Also, if your glass is murky consider replacing it with new glass or give it a heavy duty clean.


3. Restore those floors

No matter how fancy your house may be, if you’ve got threadbare carpet or scuffed floorboards it will certainly knock your appeal down a few pegs.

Generally, if you’ve got carpet, pets and kids – your floors will probably need some TLC. And not just for aesthetic reasons; dirty carpet carries troves of nasty bacteria that you don’t want your family to be susceptible to. Professional carpet cleaning is cheap as chips these days, and will ensure you’re keeping your home clean and your loved ones healthy.

If you’ve got wooden floors or tiles that are scuffed – slap on a fresh coat of varnish and it will instantly add a real lift to the area.


4. Upgrade Your Kitchen with a New Splash Back

Kitchens are not always the cheapest and easiest things to renovate. In fact, they’re usually the biggest and most expensive pain. But a simple home improvement work-around is simply replacing your old splash back with something more modern and vibrant. Test some tiles and get a professional opinion to make sure you’re modernizing and not taking a step backwards.


5. Make Your Walls Stand Out

There are certain wall colors that instantly make a house feel dated– think everything from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s – pale yellows, greens and pinks.

Even just whitewashing a home will modernize it - but a bit of colour will really make a home pop. Wall stickers seem to be all the rage at the moment, allowing people to make real features out of their walls. Similarly, wallpaper has begun to come back in a big way, but choose your prints with extreme caution and get a professional opinion or you could slip back into the 60’s very quickly.


6. Choose Your Colour Palate Wisely

If you’re revamping your house for yourself, choose accent colors that suit your aesthetic and try to carry them subtly throughout the entire home. An easy way to do this is by thinking about not only wall and flooring colours, but décor too – vases and photo frames will carry a colour palate very well.

It is a big choice to make, so take your time to consider what works for you and the style of the home. Generally, darker colors will make spaces seem darker (shock!) and smaller. Whiter, lighter colors will make an area seem more open and larger.

If you’re doing some home improvements to sell your home– try to stick to neutral colours. You don’t want a buyer to walk away from the property simply because they don’t like the colour palate you’ve chosen.


7. Get Outside!

A home improvement project wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t address the exterior. There’s almost no point spending all this time zhushing the interior if the exterior looks like an overgrown jungle straight out of Jumanji. A well-groomed and maintained yard will give your home a completely polished and refined look. So grab some fertilizer and give your grass a good feed of nutrients, remove your weeds and plant some bright, structural plants in your gardens, fix the wobbly posts in your fence and give it a fresh coat of paint. All of these things are super in-expensive and will allow you to give your home real street appeal.


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