30 Mar 2018

7 Things To Do Before Moving House

Moving house: one of the most dreaded events that we all experience several times in life. Whether you’re renting or buying, moving into a new home requires a high level of organisational skills, however most people tend to leave things until the last minute, which just makes the whole process all the more exhausting. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you’re in the process of uprooting your life to a new location, take a breather for a few minutes and have a read of our list of 7 must-dos before moving house. (You can thank us later).


1. De-clutter

Moving house is a big task, but maybe not as big as you think. Having to box up every little piece of your life presents the perfect opportunity to go through your things and get rid of items you no longer need. We all accumulate our fair share of ‘stuff’ over the years, and unless it has a purpose or holds sentimental value, it might be a good idea to either rehome it or dispose of it. Hosting a garage sale is a great way to downsize, and make a few bucks as well.


2. Book a removalist

Whether you plan on doing it yourself or hiring a removalist, sorting out the logistics of your move is a crucial first step. If doing it yourself, you’ll most likely need to rent a truck for the day (or two days), and should contact a rental company asap. Booking a removalist to do it for you alleviates some of the work, but you’ll still need to make arrangements well in advance to secure your moving date. As prices can vary greatly, it’s also a good idea to compare quotes from multiple companies first.


3. Change your address

Trying to remember to contact everyone when you move can be a real challenge. Banks, phone and internet providers, transport department, electoral roll, tax office and other government agencies… the list goes on. There’s a high probability you’ll leave someone out, therefore it’s recommended that you go to your post office and fill out a change of address form so that all your mail is redirected for whatever duration you specify.


4. Pack an ‘unpacking box’

When moving house, much of the focus tends to be on packing boxes and getting everything out. But how you’ll set it all back up is just as important. This is where an ‘unpacking box’ comes in really handy. It should contain everything you’ll need to construct furniture, such as labelled ziplock bags with furniture screws, screwdrivers, Allen keys, scissors and dust cloths. It’ll save a lot of time and frustration when setting up your new home.


5. Get spare keys cut

In the stress and excitement of moving house, sometimes keys can be misplaced, or end up locked inside the house. Before moving day, get a couple of spare keys cut and give one to each person in the household (or nearby family members) as a backup.


6. Pack a first night box

Packing a first night box is just as important as the unpacking box. As most of the day will be taken up with shifting boxes and furniture, it’s unlikely you’ll have any time to actually open boxes and start setting up once you’re in your new home. And moving house is an exhausting process, so searching for essential items is probably the last thing you’ll feel like doing. Instead, pack a box containing everything you’ll need for the first night: basic toiletries, toilet paper, pyjamas, towels, bed linen etc. You might even plan ahead for the next morning and pack a kettle, mugs, toaster, basic cutlery and coffee. These small things can really ease the transition into your new home.


7. Make note of your meter readings

Finally, be sure to take one last note of your meter readings for electricity, gas and water in your previous home before you leave for good. This is a smart way to ensure that you will not be billed for someone else’s utilities.


There’s so many things to consider when moving house, but with the right preparation and planning, you might actually find the whole process a lot easier than you expected.


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