04 May 2018

The 4 Best Picnic Spots in Yandina

All Australian’s love a good BBQ and a picnic and with such beautiful natural landscapes, it makes sense that we love getting outside to enjoy them! Yandina is home to some of the most stunning places the Sunshine Coast has to offer. So here are out top local spots if you’re looking for some lazy weekend indulgence:



Mapleton national park is a great place to grab a BBQ spot for lunch and spend the whole day surrounded by nature. There are two beautiful and spacious spots to choose from. The first is at the entrance where there are more facilities and wider open spaces.

If you’re looking for something a little more secluded, opt for a spot at the Point Glorious picnic spot where you’ll be able to chill out and check out the beautiful fauna and flora on display.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, or just looking to work off a bit of that wine and cheese – take one of the tracks through the park and go for a peaceful scenic trek. If you happen to be there on a warm day – you can even cool off with a dip in one of the watering holes or water falls.

The Maleny area really is a natural hidden gem, so spend some time taking in the views.



Many people go to the falls for a swim, and while the falls may truly be something to uphold -  that’s certainly not all the area’s good for. The park has great picnic and BBQ facilities at the entrance of the park which make for a great place to enjoy some lunch while taking time to appreciate the beautiful greenery and exotic plants.

Alternately, you can pack a picnic in a bag and venture down to the rockpools to spread out on a blanket, pop your headphones in and enjoy the serenity. It might be a good idea to get in early to snag a spot if you’re there on a weekend’s as it tends to be a hotspot-  especially in warmer weather.



We love a lazy picnic spot and George Best Park is a little place known quite well by the locals of Yandina. While it’s not exactly a national park, this spot makes for a great lowkey day with the kids.

The best part about this little spot is that there’s plenty of space to grab a picnic and sprawl out for hours with your family. While the kids play in the park, you will have ample space to lie in the sun with some food and snuggly blankets.



Kondalilla national park is a tropical wonderland that’s largely shaded by giant a rainforest canopy and abundant with Australian fauna and flora. So naturally, it makes for a perfect spot for a lunchtime picnic.

Perhaps one of the more insta-worthy spots, the entrance to the park is fully equipped with toilets, picnic tables, barbeques and shelters with plenty of space to kick a footy or enjoy a game of cricket.

If you’re up for it, the park is also home to a beautiful walk through the rainforest with an epic pay-off at the end. The various walks range from 1.7 to 4.7kms, depending on how much of that picnic you’ve managed to devour. The first set of falls where the swimming pools are is only a short walk, however there are quite a few stairs through so prams are not ideal.

Even if you don’t wish to venture into the park, there’s a great lookout that will show you just how high the falls are, giving you a great overview of the national park (from the comfort of your blankets).


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