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7 Ways to Make Moving Day Easier

17 Aug2018
    Moving day is both an exciting and chaotic time. It’s not always easy to stay on top of everything when there’s boxes flying around left right and centre, the delivery truck has [...] Read More...

How to Avoid the Traps of Selling a Home When Retired

13 Jul2018
Selling a home can be challenging enough at the best of times, but for those who are retired and ready to move on, the task can easily become a trap for rookie players. Letting go of the family home is hard and [...] Read More...

House or Unit: Which is a Better Buy for You?

06 Jul2018
If you’re looking at buying a home, chances are you’ve considered whether a house or apartment is the better option. While the answer is clear cut for some people, the jury is still out for others. And [...] Read More...

5 Ways to Find Out What Your Home is Worth

29 Jun2018
When it comes to selling, what is my home worth? is the number one question on every home owner’s mind. There are a number of contributing factors which determine the value of your home, such as house [...] Read More...

6 Ways to Make Your Garage Sale Stand Out

22 Jun2018
On the weekends, Australian neighborhoods become inundated with garage sales. Colourful cardboard placards are taped to street signs, tempting passersby with a sneaky bargain or two. Perhaps the biggest draw [...] Read More...

4 Renovations That are Not Worth the Effort

15 Jun2018
Renovations are all very exciting. So exciting, that people often get carried away and start making changes to their homes that fulfill their desires and solve their issues. Thus, overlooking the whole point of a [...] Read More...

5 Problems Home Buyers Absolutely Dread

08 Jun2018
We all know that there’s no such thing as a perfect property. Once the allure of the ‘new’ home dissipates, the shortcomings of the home tend to rear their ugly heads. Suddenly the ‘gran [...] Read More...

4 Reasons Why Local Marketing Matters

01 Jun2018
Marketing is everything in real estate. The strategies you use should showcase your properties to the right people. Nowadays, the power of online marketing is an undeniable force for doing that effectively. So how [...] Read More...

6 Tips for Finding Your Forever Home

25 May2018
A forever home is a home that you’ll likely live in and see through to retirement, giving you decades of fond memories and perhaps even a nest egg for your children and family. So how do you even begin [...] Read More...

3 Tips for Choosing a Tradie for Your Home Repairs

18 May2018
Finding a tradie that you can rely on is often half the battle when it comes to home renovations. Tradies are everywhere, each promising the same quality outcomes but rarely delivering. Whether it’s inflated [...] Read More...
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